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Advantages of having an Android app for your business

The world of mobile applications is dominated by two technology giants, Google and Apple. The strength of domination can be attributed to the mobile operating system platforms that they created, IOS and Android. While the former has established itself as an elite platform confined to a few high-end buyers of a confined set of devices, Android, on the other hand, has made the entire world of smartphones democratic. 

There is an 80% chance that a smartphone is powered by the Android operating system. It might not be an exaggeration to say that Android has been instrumental in reviving the brand perception of a lot of manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Huawei. It has also contributed to the birth and rise of leading mobile manufacturers, especially in Asia, like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, and Vivo. 

There might be a notion that top-level staff of a company uses the iPhone. Even in the cream layer of the company, there might be people who are Android fanatics. It cannot be denied that there is a great likelihood of a normal employee being an Android user. Therefore, it is inevitable for any business to have an Android app.

Having an Android app for your business presents a lot of advantages that you can capitalize on.

Community Support

Android is open source. This brings a lot of advantages when it comes to the availability of support for your app in terms of code accuracy and even support for specific features of your app. If you have chosen a platform, there are considerable chances that you might find the code for incorporating a particular feature on websites like GitHub. This makes the entire process of developing an app a lot easier and quicker.

The advantages when it comes to app development do not stop with the code. It extends into the world of testing. With the availability of devices and an open access to the sandbox, it is quite easy for you to test your app for all the aspects including but not limited to performance, regression and load.

Vast reach in terms of devices

It is quite known that more than 80% of the smart phones on the planet are powered by Android. This data becomes more intense and relevant when it comes to Third World countries where the iPhone is considered an affordable. Therefore, if you have an app for Android, there is a considerable chance that you might be able to reach a lot of your employees who might need to use your app on a daily basis.

Development cost

It is observed that the development cost for an android app is considerably lower than that of an iOS app. The cost difference can be attributed to the availability of the source code and the community support. In addition to that, there are also costs that are involved with perfecting the app in compliance with the requirements of the Apple App Store. However, when it comes to android, the rules are less stringent, making it easier for you to make the app available to everyone. In addition to that, there is also a possibility that you do not have to even get involved with the play store and you can provide your employees with the APK file that helps them install the app without Google getting involved. This might not be possible with any Apple device.


It is quite evident that android brings with it, a host of advantages that can make it an ideal platform for you to build your business app. There are a lot of reputed android app development companies that you can entrust your app creation to. They will not only take care to create the app in terms of its utility but also will take care of everything it takes in terms of security, so your information stays confidential and protected.

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