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Cross-Platform App Development Tools

Mobile app development is lot more than what meets the eye. Getting things done from a few taps is all we know. It is nothing less than a strenuous task for mobile app developers to make everything look flawless and simple. One of the complex processes is the cross platform app development.

As the name suggest, cross platform apps are the ones that can work on different platforms like Android and iOS. By using cross platform frameworks the developers need to write code only once and it can be used to run the app in different platforms. The benefits of using cross platform frameworks include code reusability, cost reduction, easy hosting and a lot more.

Here are some of the best cross-platform app development tools


Xamarin was launched by Microsoft. The apps developed using Xamarin are developed using C# – shared code database. It is bit expensive when compared to most of the frameworks as one needs to obtain the license from Microsoft. This one negative can be overshadowed with the features that it offers. Irrespective of the cost it is one of the most preferred cross platform app development tools across the globe.


Adobe’s tool for cross platform app development is PhoneGap. It is powered by open web tech. It uses JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS for app development. One of the advantages of using PhoneGap is that it allows third party tools and large number of penguins are provided. It also supports most of the basic in built features of a phone like contacts, call logs and camera. All the plugins are easy to work with. One aspect about PhoneGap that deserves a very special mention is that it is backed by Apache and is powered by Apache Cordova.

React Native:

React Native is one among the popular cross-platform app development tools. The development carried out Native React is comparatively quick. At the same time there is no necessity for the compromising on the quality. It also allows third party plugins to be used and consumes very less space. Some of the big names have used React Native for their app development. Some of them include Uber Eats, Skype and Walmart. That being said it is also one of the most preferred small size app development companies and many start ups.


If biggies like Microsoft and Adobe are involved, why not Google? Google’s answer for cross platform app development tool is Flutter. One important aspect of Flutter is that developers do not have to manually update the user interface content like reactive framework. The popularity of flutter is steadily increasing and hence it is important for developers to keep an eye for it. There is a special feature called the hot reloading. It allows the developers to check the changes made at any point of time.


Generally, Appcelerator “quickens” the application advancement process as it permits the designers to make applications with less lines of code. It bolsters iOS, Android, Windows, and program based HTML5 applications. Regardless of whether one needs to build up a local application or a cross-stage application, Appcelerator can be the correct decision. It for the most part helps the advancement when application responds with a web administration. What makes Appcelerator famous is that it isn’t simply founded on the idea of “compose once, run all over the place.” It has a few stage explicit API’s, highlights, and UI. As its code is stage focused on, it guarantees improved execution. Without getting the hang of coding of Android and iOS stages exclusively, engineers can create dependable versatile applications.


Sencha Touch is a MVC-based JavaScript structure to assemble versatile applications. One of the interesting highlights of a portable application is the capacity to utilize it through the dash of fingertips as opposed to the mouse or keys. Sencha Touch offers a significant level of responsiveness for your application and this assists with improving the consumer loyalty. Perfect with all the most recent forms of Android, iOS, and Blackberry, it is utilized for making simple to-explore applications. Designers can code in HTML5 group when they use Sencha for versatile application improvement. After code is made or changed over to HTML5, it gets simpler to utilize them on Android just as on iOS.


Iconic is a well known cross platform app development platform. It allows the developers to choose the UI framework like Angular or React. Iconic is always been synonymous with rendering some of the exceptional user interface. The catch here is that the developers must have proper understanding and knowledge about Angular JS If they want to build app using Iconic. Some of the biggest names that are using iconic include IBM, SAP and NASA.


Gone are the times when apps were confined to particular platform. Now every app that is hitting the markets is being launched for both iOS and Android. Hence these cross platform app development tools play a very crucial role in the app development process.

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