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Mobile App Security Tips

Mobile apps have made the world easier for us. It seems that almost every activity of our everyday lives can be handled with a mobile app. The availability of reputed mobile app development companies makes it quite easy for any inspiring entrepreneur to create a mobile app. However, as much as it is important to create one, it is equally important to secure your mobile app as well .

It has come to notice that 100% of all the top hundred mobile apps on the Google play store and 56% of top 100 apps on the App Store have been hacked. Hacking presents not only the considerable loss of revenue but also heavily tarnishes reputation and brand image of your company. Above everything,mobile app security compromise results in the most sensitive customer data being compromised. This is a direct violation of the data privacy protection laws.

Therefore, it is increasingly important to ensure that your mobile app complies with the best practices of ensuring mobile app security.

We have outlined below a few tips that you can use to secure your mobile app.

Secure your source code

It has been observed that malicious mobile apps of an exploit the bugs and vulnerabilities that are present in the source code. Therefore, it is important to keep your source code free of vulnerabilities and bugs. hackers often use rogue app to gain access to your source code and infiltrate your app ecosystem.simple source code security measures like minification of JavaScript can go a long way in this regard. It is obvious that JavaScript is quite easy to read but a minified JavaScript might make it extremely difficult for hackers to process.

Understand the platform

it is quite known that Android is open source and iOS, on the other hand, requires a lot of permissions to gain access to the platform and develop the app. While Android might be susceptible to attacks in terms of numbers, iOS tops the list when it comes to value. Therefore, it is important to understand the product, the platform, the limitations and the facilities like geofencing to ensure that your app complies with all the requirements without compromising on the security.

Encrypt device data

When accessing an enterprise application data is stored in the device in unstructured format. This data can present lucrative option for hackers. Encrypting this data in the sandbox by using SQLite can render the data worthless to the hacker even if it is accessed.

Implement mobile app management and mobile device management strategies

There was a time when enterprise data was confined just to office. Today, it cannot be denied that a single mobile device in the hands of the user needs to have access both to personal and enterprise data. However, the security needs of both these are entirely different. If a user has access to enterprise data, that should be facilities to remotely wipe the device is needed, and to to manage apps remotely with multiple layers of security.

Handle transit with care

Hackers are quite aware of the fact that data in transit is an easy prey. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for these channels were taken get their hands on private data. Using secure tunnel systems and vpns transport data between the client and the backend will ensure that data security is not compromised during transit.

Use trusted third parties

When creating a mobile app, all of us like to monetize on the app and also get useful data from app analytics. The advertising platforms and the analytics provider will have access to create a lot of sensitive data. You cannot deny them the permission to use the data. However, all you need to ensure is that you use only trusted analytical providers even if the cost more. Data breach is a lot more expensive than exhausted analytics provider!


What might be one simple download for a user is a lot of hard work in development and design when it comes to creating a robust and interactive mobile app. If so much effort has gone into creating such a technological masterpiece, equal importance must be given to ensuring security of that mobile app as well. The techniques that are stocked above might be simple but they are important and sensitive.

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