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Top Programming Languages

 The IT sector is one industry that has been evolving constantly. The number of computer programmers has gone through the roof. Some of the biggest economies of the world thrive because of the IT industry. As mentioned earlier it is constantly evolving and in the past few years the evolution and the innovations has been very rapid. Since youngsters have been very fond of the IT industry, they are equipping themselves in many programming languages. 

There was a time when there were only limited programming languages. But that is not the case right now. There are a lot of programming languages. Here we have listed out some of the best programming languages that are used by programmers all over the world. 

Python :

Python is a very popular programming language. It is very easy for its beginners thanks to its readability. It is an open source programming language and it’s free. It has awesome community support and easy integration with web services. It is most preferred for the latest trends like Machine Learning and Deep Learning Applications. Some of the best 2D and 3D animation software like Blender, Inkscape, and Autodesk. It is also used for developing some exceptional games like Civilization IV, Vegas Strike and Toontown. If used to its fullest potential it can make wonders and the names that stand as an evident testimony are sites like YouTube, Quora, Pinterest and Instagram. 

Java :

One of the popular and in-demand programming languages is Java. It is owned by Oracle Corporation. Irrespective of the platform it can be used in Windows, Mac OS and Android. It is because of its Write One and Run Anywhere capabilities. One of the important characteristics of java is its portability across different platforms. It is estimated that more than 3 billion devices have applications that are developed using java. The most prominent application of Java is web development, app development and Big Data. Java is also used for various backend processes by some big brands like Google, Amazon, YouTube and Twitter.  One of the greatest assets of Java is the developer community. They are active in many forums which help the new bees to get their doubts clarified easily. 

JavaScript :

JavaScript is an object oriented programming language. It is mainly used to create some interactive pages on the web. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. JavaScript is considered to be one among the core technologies in the world wide web including CSS and HTML. It is the most preferred frontend for many tech giants like Google. Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook and Amazon. There are popular frameworks like AngularJS by Google and React JS by Facebook. 

Swift :

Many might not know this but Swift was developed by Apple. It was launched in the year 2014 and in the year 2017 it made it in the list of top ten programming languages in the monthly TIOBE index ranking. It is very easy to learn and is also an open source programming language. Compared to most other coding languages it takes very less coding. It can be used with IBM Bluemix and IBM Sandbox. Swift is used many common iOS applications like Firefox, SoundCloud and WordPress

C# :

C# was developed by Microsoft. It was in the 2000s that C# started getting all the limelight. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful languages for .NET framework. The developer of C# Anders Hejsberg has stated that it is more like C++. Hence programmers who are well versed in C++ will be able to pull this one with absolute ease. It is considered to be the best for developing applications for Android, iOS and Windows. Microsoft Visual C++ the integrated development product renders a bit of help. Bing, Dell, Visual Studio and Market Watch use C# for their backend process. 

C and C++ :

It is an undeniable fact that C and C++ are two of the oldest programming languages. These two laid the basement for computer programming. The fact that both have a lot of relevance even today makes it very special. C and C++ are not that different.  C++ is just the enhanced version of C. C and C++ are programming languages that have the potential to perform at a very high level. It is the reason why if any app demands extensive performance C++ is preferred. Both these languages can use the compiler for different platforms. One of their important characteristics is transportation. 

Ruby :

If you are new to the programming realm and if you want learn programming it is better to start with Ruby. It is hands down one of the easiest programming language to learn. It is very user friendly and is known for being very flexible. It is a web application framework that has a object oriented structure that supports functional programming. One of the most famous frameworks is Ruby on Rails RoR. There is a strong and dedicated community of developers who are active in many forums. 

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